Data Center Heat Management

GoGreenHost have the technology and knowledge in managing and removing heat from densely populated data centers and hosting environments.

GoGreenHost is sited in Sweden, where traditional "Free Air Cooling" is common, due to the northern climate. The free air cooling technique is well known, but common outdoor temperature shifts during Scandinavian winter more than 30 °C in a few hours. This creates complex challenges for densely populated data centers, where you need to adopt MW of heat to very fast shifts in outdoor temperature.

Traditional fan and air cooling systems also have limitations, due to the fact that air is not an efficient medium for removal of MW of heat in densely populated data centers.

GoGreenHost have developed reliable technology that creates long term stable and efficient working environment for densely populated data centers in the Swedish climate 24/365.

Sweden offer one of the most stable and reliable data center environments in the world

Sweden is a large producer of electrical power based on a mix of hydro, nuclear and wind sources. 10-20% of annually produced electricity is exported. We also have a very reliable power grid where large d ata centers can be connected with redundant feed to national grid.

Sweden also have top ranking (#2 in the world [source]) in average Internet speed and our fiber network is one of the most reliable in the world.

Very high level of general IT availability is also fundamental for availability of skilled staff for development and maintenance of data centers.

Sweden also offer unique politically stable environment. There has not been any armed conflict for more then 200 years and Sweden is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world by Global Peace Index. Violent crimes is for example less then 3% of US.

Press Releases


New high-density data center heats 10,000 households in Stockholm

Borderlight AB, a leading supplier of advanced IT and Telecom services to the public sector and industry sectors, has decided to build a new data center with large scale heat reuse in cooperation with Europe’s leading district heating operator Fortum Värme in Stockholm, Sweden. With full IT load, the implementation will run at more than 5 MW and heat some 10,000 modern residential apartments.

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